DISH milky blue

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Small round DISH with a bluish tint, and with a few subtle speckles created by volcanic sand. Finished with a transparent glaze. Measures ⌀9 x 2,5 cm.

BALANCE COLLECTION is a collection of tableware that kindly demands your attention. To display and pick your drink and food with thought and care, luring out that extra bit of attention that the situation deserves.

This dish is the smallest piece of the collection. A great companion to the BALANCE CUPS, to hold your used teabag. Or, if you are up for a playful dinner, use it to hold dippings and sauces.

The BALANCE COLLECTION is designed and produced by Studio Daphne Zuilhof in Amsterdam. Please note this is a handmade item; each dish is unique.

Each BALANCE DISH comes in a custom made gift box. Also good to know; all pieces of the BALANCE COLLECTION are dishwasher proof!